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This page is a continuation of the last hacking page, I didn't have enough text space to put on the last one what I really wanted to, when both pages get filled up, go to my blog, at blogspot.com, I'll have more there.

So I don't fill up the page below, heres some info.

Warez d00dz

*Steer (AHHH, I'm so bad at spelling) clear of these people, they can cause nothing but trouble for your comp, (they are people that sell pirated programs to you because they couldn't quite make it as a hacker).

--Most of their websites though are very good at finding keygens or serial codes to use copies of commercial software. (I WOULD NOT USE KEYGENS IF I WERE YOU, UNLESS YOU USE A VERY VERY VERY GOOD ANONYMIZER OR A PROXY PROG (The jist -- masks your identity online by masking outgoing any online messages, but still allows you to communicate with everything else), YOU COULD FACE A SERIOUS FINE (around 5000), OR YOU COULD GET SUED BY THE OEM (Original Electronics Manufacturer).

HTML file ripping/video ripping/flash movie ripping tutorial

Just for copyright issues, I won't post the whole tutorial here, but on illegalworld.com, I found the most amazingly fun thing to play around with.  FLASH MOVIE RIPPING!! Have you ever wanted a flash movie from a site, maybe a music video, maybe some porn... well here is the perfect thing to use. 

Basically the whole thing is described here if you want models of what the stuff looks like that your supposed to rip: http://www.illegalworld.com/index1.html

Anyway this is the source needed to rip the movie:

<a href="http://www.website.com/flash/movie.swf">Flash movie</a>

I don't usually program in HTML, but it looks like pretty decent code.

Anyway, all you have to do is view the source of the site, find the source link of the movie, put it in the HTML code (the italic part), and save it as ascii text in a plain notepad doc., open it in your browser, and save the target from right clicking the link on the page opened.

*NOTE: Its not impervious, but it is important that you look for the correct link of the movie because u could save something you don't want... Espescially if the site has HTML mini flash advertisements, cause you could save those, and god it is so $%#@!*^ annoying when the site has so many of those because literally, it takes a 100 downloads to get it right.


Ok, so are you so bored with paying 50.00 for a game that either stinks, something you could easily program yourself, or something that you love that you won't want to pay for.

Anyway, this really isn't a hacking tutorial, but it comes quite close as its a way to get stuff for free that is so worth it.

Anyway, emulators are progs that run roms of great games.  The roms you can find anywhere and there are so many sites that it isn't hard to find them, although I use www.emuparadise.org, no xbox, but their are a lot of good games for stuff other than xbox. 

1. Get roms and an emulator to run the roms (roms are specially designed for the consol that they usually run on, so basically an n64 rom runs on an n64 emulator only)


3. *just a note, if you don't own the game that the rom is of, its highly illegal, as opposed to other illegal stuff on this site tho, I highly approve of this because the manufacturers of the roms never check to see if you actually own the rom (although just as a reminder, im so paranoid, I have all the games that I have all the roms for).

Unix Shell accounts

Unix shell accounts are found easily on google.com, my favorite site is this one, it is by far the best: http://sdf.lonestar.org/, my second favorite site is this one cause you get to chose which site you want to join: http://www.ductape.net/~mitja/freeunix.shtml.  If you want a downloadable one I prefer cygwin, it comes in a bash shell.

This is another good site as well: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/unix-faq/shell/shell-differences/

Unix shell accounts are a very well needed part of hacking, (unless you own a version of unix, or linux, of course linux isn't as useful for hacking).  A unix shell acount lets you do most of the hacking stuff that you can do with unix on your personal comp with either windows (gag) or MAC. 

There are 4 really common shells that are easily found. 

1. The Bourne shell

2. The Bourne (again) shell -- actually called the bash shell

3. Korn shell

4. C shell

5. Zsh shell

--The Bash shell is easiest to use for beginners, yet if you want to run really really awesome exploits I'd recommend the C shell.

*Just a note, if you use a good unix shell, try not to make a mistake in typing (type slower than you usually do it you aren't a very proficient typer) because if you hit the backspace key (remember advanced shells only) you'll usually see ^H^H^H (^H for each time you hit backspace).

A unix shell isn't just good for running hacking exploits (but what I mainly use it for), but it can also be used for telnet (see the telnet commands on the other hacking page), and it can be used for Ssh, however I haven't tried doing anything in Ssh on a Unix shell, there are also some programs that run on some shells, and some allow you to check email, have an email account.  The cygwin bash shell is so common that it has a LOT of progs written for it.

Alternative methods of hacking...

Hmmm... alternative methods of hacking...



Cryptography coming soon...


Illegalworld.com Search engine.