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This page is all about hacking.  It will be updated periodically.  Some of the hacking stuff is also on my blog at blogspot.com.

These links are just to good to pass up, you just gotta try them.


I love this site, it combines what I'm all about, Jokes, Knowledge, and most importantly, Sarcasm. They have an article that is soooooooo worth the visit, they believe that pamela anderson is an elite hacker and her television debuts are just a signal to summon other elite hackers, and also a cover-up for her illustrious hacking knowledge and resumes, isn't that so funny.

http://www.illegalworld.com, but this is a good info site, has lots of good hacker progs, though I prefer manual hacking...

The coolest part about this site is their flash movie ripping tutorial, I wouldn't suggest doing this unless you have a fairly decent anonymizer, that or some kind of proxyshield program, O, and this tutorial is a good way to mess up webpages as you get to view the source of the website.

If you don't prefer manual hacking (but it does keep you alert), I'd suggest this site, it has a whole bunch of hacking programs, most of them are ok, but some are very good.


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  cmd.exe (command prompt) commands

I love the command prompt (doesn't everyone) with windows, even though I hate nearly 90% about windows (GO UNIX! -- or linux, although most of us here prefer UNIX!, cough cough, BLACKRAT).  Here I have posted my favorite cmd.exe commands.

ping -t ______.com -- This pings a website (or an IP, without the .com)

netstat -- This grabs the IP of anyone or anything directly connected to you -- like the person that just im'd you... nudge nudge -- This allows so many dastardly pranks to be pulled on your friends, sometimes its even better when they have a good firewall -- hehehe : )

To give the netstat menu a good look, or make you look like a very well educated hacker, after typing netstat in the cmd.exe menu, follow it with the phrase -a or -r, it gives an easier to understand menu with all of the Ips connecting to your comp, my favorite is -a.

*Why does a hacker hate windows -- well its not nessesarily because of the company who makes the OS, we don't mind those people, but the problem is the OS itself.  If you run about any version of it, you probably know that it is a piece of crap.  It contains many errors, and is very faulty, (thats why a hacker [group or person?] wrote a buffer exploit and managed to snarf nearly 30% of the OS's source code -- my hat is off to you, nice work!)


(See below)


A beach on California (it could be in Malibu, or someplace else, we really don't know) seems relaxing don't it.  Hacking is somewhat about focus (of course since sitting behind a computer screen can sometimes be tedious), hence the relaxing beach.

  Hmmmmm... I'm bored, another topic -- DVD copying and pirating

I don't really know what to post... Oh I know, DVD copying.  Of course everyone probably that can view this website has seen one kind of a dvd or something.  And since everyone has seen a dvd, they've most likely seen the first part that appears right before the movie telling them that, oh, its so bad to copy this, and oh, if you copy this we'll sue you, and, oh, you'll face a federal fine.  Well truth is, thats possible, but not likely if your stealth about it.  To start off, there used to be a program called DVDXCOPY this was out only for a short time, to let people make backups of their dvds to put in different places of the home, the car, the theather, Robert's room... But as you may have guessed, this program was easily abused, (people would go to a movie rental store, rent a whole hell of a lot of movies, and then burn copies of them, return them within the due date, hehe, and get probably 30 movie copies for the price of about 5).  Well, the program was taken off shelves, and the company that makes the program (sony I think) was given a warning about this.  It is still possible to do it today, but you can't do it with just one program usually. 

Things needed: 1. A dvd burner, 2. 10 or more gigs of free space on the HD, 3. a dvd decryptor (this rips the data from the dvd to the comp), and 4. A dvd coping program. 

Its really easily, really, go to: http://www.dvddecrypter.com/ (we have no legal relationship to them), download their dvd decrypter (ter or tor), google the phrase "dvd copiers" or "dvd copier freeware" and you will get maybe 12 free dvd coping programs, (you only need one).  Rip a dvd to your HD, then burn it with the coping program, not that I allow any such behavior, hehe : )

Another calming space, isn't it?


Telnet is a command that links comps together through the net, hence the word-phrases tel and net, dah!  Telnet is so simple to use its unbelievable, even a novice hacker can use it.  Now, generally telnet needs to be downloaded as a prog to use, (or can be used as a command in a Unix shell account -- and Unix as well, more on this later), but if your running windows XP (ugh, eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww, ugh, shiver shiver, spew, ugh, ahhhhhhh!, eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww cough cough), then you already have one built in, (I think 2000 and NT have one as well, but a more primitive version and a little bit harder to telnet with because you have to do more stuff manually). 

To access the telnet command, go to start > run > and type in telnet, now wasn't that easy.  The basic commands for it are in telnet (when you hit ? or help).  Usually all you need to do to establish a connect is...

Microsoft telnet> o (open) [port, address, IP, blah blah blah]

In Unix and most unix shell accounts, you need to do this...

telnet <port, address>

Telneting is very easy, everyone can do it...

Here is a list of basic telnet commands for UNIX: http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/tables/telnet_commands.html

Heres one for (shudder, shudder, ugh!) windows XP: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/telnet_commands.mspx

If you want more commands, their easily accessable on google.

Telnet is somewhat fading out into non-existence.  Don't get me wrong, SOOOOO many people still use it (namely because everyone about follows a lot of versions of windows, ugh, WHY? WHY?), but more people are leaning toward a more secure version (well not really, but very similar) of telnet. You can still hack with telnet, because of the millions of people that use it, but its not becoming a standard anymore, more of a choice-standard.  The similar way to hack is called Ssh.  Its more secure and masks your identity a whole hell of a lot better than Telnet ever could hope to do. 

THE BEST PLACE I HAVE EVER FOUND FOR A TELNET/SSH CONNECTION TOOL IS FROM HERE: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ -- Not only does it have both options of hacking, (along with a few others), but it also is SOOOOO user-friendly, that a newbie hacker could learn to hack using Ssh and telnet this way.

Ahhh, look at the beautiful mountain-like hill background!


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